Safe Environment


Awareity, is an incident reporting system that allows people to submit information to the Green Bay Diocesan Safe Environment Office.   The goal of Awareity is prevention and to help identify red flags and warning signs before an incident occurs or escalates.  Awareity provides an option for reporting anything that you may find stressful or out of the ordinary and feel compelled to bring forward regarding clergy, staff, or volunteers.

Awareity is a comprehensive platform for reporting, tracking, and documenting incidents and concerns, making it simple and confidential to share red flag behaviors such as:

Boundary issues
Threats of violence
Concerning behavior by clergy, staff, or volunteers

Awareity is not designed for reporting emergencies.  In the event of an emergency, Call 911.

To learn more or to access Awareity – Green Bay Diocese.

Safe Environment:

You are encouraged to volunteer in ANY capacity at Our Lady of Lourdes. Prior to your service you must complete VIRTUS Training and a background check.

In accordance with the Green Bay Diocese, all school volunteers, coaches, employees, and other adults who may have contact with children must attend a VIRTUS training session and complete a background check. Completion of both the program and the background check are required prior to any adult being permitted to volunteer or work with students at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Click below to learn more about the Safe Environment program, including the dates and locations of upcoming VIRTUS training sessions.

Safe Environment Information – Green Bay Diocese

Virtus Online

Volunteer Background Check