This page provides written testimonials from parents of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School.

Parent Testimonial: Kjell and Leah Olson

“OLOL has been wonderful for my children. My husband is an Alumni and we had hoped to keep the tradition going, but always doing what was best for our children and their learning needs. After being at Our Lady of Lourdes for preschool we knew it was the best fit for us. When my oldest son was in first grade he asked “Can I always go to Our Lady of Lourdes?” This made me feel so good that a six year old could be so comfortable in his school. Since then, my boys continually voice that they do not ever want to leave OLOL. They are truly proud of their school and all that is stands for!”

A Proud Parent of OLOL Students

Parent Testimonial: Ken and Becky Nimmer

nimmerfamily “Before our oldest child started pre-school, we were open to exploring both public and Catholic education for our children. Due to convenience more than anything else, we enrolled our son in a Catholic pre-school program in a neighboring community because I worked there and our child care provider was there. A decision made almost completely for the sake of convenience ended up to be a huge factor in our family’s decision to pursue a Catholic education for our children.

At my son’s Catholic pre-school, we experienced first hand the small, caring Christian environment and the influence it would have on shaping our son not just academically, but also spiritually. We knew after several months that when the time came to choose a school for Kindergarten, that we would be choosing to send our son to our parish school, Our Lady of Lourdes. We couldn’t be happier about our choice.

The dedication of the staff is amazing. Many of the teachers, even teachers who have never had our son in class, know who he is and greet him. The cafeteria workers and support staff know him by name. The personal attention is wonderful and helps to make our son feel like part of the Our Lady of Lourdes School family.

The academics are strong, and our son is making leaps and bounds in reading and math. His confidence builds as he does presentations in class and reads in church. He wakes up every day, excited to go to school.

When he started he did not know any other students, and now has friends that I am sure will be friends for a lifetime. As parents, we feel safe knowing that he is surrounded by children whose families share our values. We really appreciate that the size of the school allows us to know and build relationships with many of the other school families.

As a public school teacher myself, I know that one of the most important things we teach students does not come from an academic textbook. We help to develop a student’s character. What I am not able to do at my school that the teachers are able to do at Our Lady of Lourdes is to frame this character education with Jesus. As parents, we like that our son’s character is being developed on a daily basis with Jesus as an example. We are thankful to our church for supporting our school.

We are thankful to God for leading us to the Catholic School at Our Lady of Lourdes. We are thankful for all the relationships we have built through the school that have helped to ignite our passion for our church and our faith.”


Parent Testimonial: Scott and Carrie Baeten

My husband and I were both raised Catholic and both had the privilege of parochial education, Saint Joseph’s and Saint Boniface School. We both knew when we had children that we wanted this for them as well.

We feel this way for many reasons. First most, we want our children to really grasp that God is first and because of God, everything else exists. We want them to know that God loves them no matter what. That God gave us his only son and that we need to live accordingly. We want them to grow up with good solid morals and the confidence and courage to make the right decisions even if it isn’t cool.

We feel that by sending our children to a Catholic School that this is all in partnership with what we are teaching at home. The families that are going to school with our kids all have similar beliefs and goals. We are more like family. Everyone knows each other and wants to be involved and help out. The class sizes are perfect and the teachers are awesome.

Deacon Mike and Father Tim are wonderful as well. They are great role models for the children and the kids love when they come to the classrooms and share with them, The kids love that they can leave pictures and notes in Deacon Mike’s mailbox at school. The children’s Masses on Wednesdays are beautiful and the kids get alot out of them.

So, in conclusion, what does a Catholic Education mean to our family? It means that our kids are getting a truly wonderful gift everyday that will help guide their future always and give them a good solid base. Our goal is that this will help our children to always have a loving and close relationship with God and Jesus and be active and involved in their Catholic faith. We are very thankful to all at Our Lady of Lourdes.

We are so happy that our children have had the advantage of going to Our Lady Of Lourdes School. Their education and the friendships and people we have met have been amazing. I would recommend Our Lady Of Lourdes to anyone.”