The importance of technology in our daily lives and throughout the world is a required component of education at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. During a school day, students have the opportunity to learn and use a variety of technologies as a part of the school curriculum.

This initiative is supported by a group of dedicated technology professionals who ensure our students enjoy the very latest in classroom technology in accordance with the GRACE System Technology Plan. Through the efforts of parents, students, faculty and Our Lady of Lourdes parishioners, students benefit from the availability of up-to-date technology, software and tools within the curriculum. As a result, our students are well-prepared for their high school education, upon graduation from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School.

The network infrastructure provides all computers within the school, file and print sharing capabilities, internet access and a variety of software programs hosted locally or web-based.   We are a Google for Education school for staff and students to learn, communicate and collaborate in a safe environment.

The school hosts a computer lab that is fully equipped with 30 computers, headphones, microphones, projector and supporting tools for faculty and student use during the school day. These facilities provide students and faculty the tools for instruction, research, reinforcement of skills and student study periods.

In addition, each classroom is equipped with at least three computers for student and faculty use. All computers offer a variety of educational software programs to complement the curriculum along with Microsoft Office.

We invite you to learn more about the use of technology at our school.

Technology Curriculum

The technology curriculum at Our Lady of Lourdes are based on International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards, the American Association of School Libraries (AASL) standards and Common Core Standards.

Internet Education and Use

Our Lady of Lourdes provides students with an opportunity to access computers, utilize the computer network resources and the Internet. The goal to provide these services to students is to promote learning by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication skills. In addition, this provides the opportunity to teach responsible and ethical use of technology in their daily lives.

Our Lady of Lourdes complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) which is a federal law enacted by Congress to address concerns about access to offensive content over the Internet on school and library computers.

Technology in the classroom

In addition to computers, there are technology tools available for student and faculty use. Learn more about these Technology Resources.

Technology Plan

Our Lady of Lourdes School technology complies with the GRACE System School technology plan.

This technology plan is based on the shared vision of educators, students, parents, and business leaders throughout our schools.  A new plan is required to be submitted to Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WI-DPI) to ensure that technology strengthens existing curriculum and supports meaningful and engaged learning for all students. It also specifies how the technology will be funded, used and supported.  The approved technology plan is designed to improve our schools and provides us the opportunity to apply for independent and federal grants associated with technology.

Technology for GRACE Schools

GRACE Technology Forms and Resources

OLOL Technology History

We invite you to learn more about how the Technology for the Kids at Lourdes initiative started in the year 2000.

Technology for the ‘Kids at Lourdes’ is funded by …

The efforts of the Technology Fundraising Committee, parents, families and parishioners provide the financial resources to fund the school’s Technology.

Please check the church bulletins and Lourdes Letters throughout the year to learn how you can support this worthwhile initiative!

Annual Technology Fundraising event: Our Lady of Lourdes School Technology Packer Tailgate Party (October/November).