Supportive Consultant Program


Our Lady of Lourdes offers a Supportive Consultant Program with a mission to support teachers/students in whatever subject is needed, along with establishing goals which ensure each student receives a meaningful and responsive school learning experience. Today, we have five Supportive Consultants, and a GRACE System Director of Student Services, who not only place a focus on helping striving students academically, but also work with upper level students who need more challenging work.

  • James Cullen – GRACE System Director of Student Services
  • Jean O’Donnell – Resource Teacher/Program Leader
  • Sally Brys – Kindergarten Teacher
  • Sharon Johnson – Middle School Teacher

The Supportive Consultant’s Role is to:

  • Consult with teachers about students who may need additional help in any subject.
  • Assess or tests a student’s strengths and/or areas of concern.
  • Provide a list of accommodations and adjustments that can be made within the classroom to encourage a student’s success.
  • Differentiate instruction, which includes modifying lessons, class work, and homework, as required for students to be successful.
  • Confer with teachers, parents, and students to set up a Student Service Plan if needed.
  • Monitor progress and adjust plans for success.
  • Record, update, and maintain student files.

As part of the Supportive Consultant program, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School offers two research-based reading instruction systems for the reading intervention curriculum. These programs support students who need assistance with reading and spelling or who may have dyslexia.

Barton Reading & Spelling System

A scientifically proven, multi-sensory program which teaches the important basics of spelling and reading to students one on one or in small groups. Three levels, which include Phonemic Awareness, Consonants & Short Vowels, and Closed Syllables are being used. (

Wilson Reading System

Beginning at second grade and continuing to adult, this step by step remedial program teaches the structure of language to students who have been unable to learn with other teaching strategies or require multi-sensory instruction. (

Additional resources regarding dyslexia:

Organization for Success

An organizational program at Our Lady of Lourdes to help Middle School students achieve better academic results with less anxiety and effort.   This  program is based on the book That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week by Ana Homayoun.

Our Lady of Lourdes School – Organization for Success

If you would like additional information on the Supportive Consultant Program, please view our program brochure or call the school office.