Site Advisory Council

The Our Lady of Lourdes School Site Advisory Council (SAC) serves as an important parent and parish member body for feedback and consultation with the School Principal, the GRACE President and the GRACE Board of Trustees. The Site Advisory Council will advise the School in accordance with the mission statement of GRACE by fostering Catholic leadership and witnessing the Gospel message, embracing a stewardship way of life and striving for moral and academic excellence.

The role of the SAC is to educate parents and students on school and GRACE matters, support efforts for marketing, enrollment and retention of school families and oversee site-based fundraising – including the GRACE Budget Contribution (Third Source Funding).

The SAC will also make recommendations and support the Principal on matters related to policy, operation, budgets and programming at the school. The SAC serves in an advisory role.

A Site Advisory Council consists of 4-15 members and includes parent representation, staff, as well the pastor and members of affiliated parish(es).

2020-2021 Site Advisory Council Members:                                                                        

Chairman: Nicci Zwifelhofer
Vice-Chairman: Courtney Janssen
Treasurer: Brad Willems
Community Enrichment: Melissa Barry
Catholic Identity: Jeff O’Connor
Marketing: Dustin Thill
Student Enrichment: Liz Gale
Fundraising: Corey Coenen
Secretary: Joann Hansen-Schmidt
Principal: Mr. Jeffrey Young

Site Advisory Council Mission Statement: The mission of Our Lady of Lourdes Site Advisory Council is to provide leadership and direction to the staff and students of our school. We are guided in our task by the message and mission of Jesus Christ. The Council’s role is one of initiation, support, and the promotion of Catholic Education. Our Pledge is to:

Encourage a firm commitment to Catholic education among families and the larger faith community of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.  Collaborate with other parish and community groups by communicating and actively participating in the development, evaluation and promotion of all programs under the Council’s jurisdiction.

Site Advisory Council 2020-2021 Meeting Calendar (3rd Tuesday of Month)

Site Advisory Council meeting minutes