The CompassLearning Odyssey® suite of learning solutions includes lessons and activities that are based on current and confirmed research about the way today’s students think and learn. Odyssey curricula for primary and secondary students facilitate differentiated and personalized instruction, while formative assessments and reporting tools help drive data-driven decision making.

We are again offering CompassLearning Odyssey®, a Web-based curriculum, to enhance your child’s educational experience. Odyssey is designed to provide student’s web-based activities in various subject areas.  Each student is automatically assigned activities based on grade level & their recent NWEA MAPS results.


Use at Home:

This program will be used at school and can also be used at home.  For successful use at home, the browser and plug-in installation must be properly set up.

The System Requirements page provides the information required for use on a Windows or MAC workstation.

The Check System option provides assistance in this effort by checking the operating system, browse version, specific browser settings and plug-ins.  Click the Check System button to start the system check.  The requirements that have not yet been met will be identified and will provide access to appropriate Web sites via the links provided.

Begin Your Odyssey Adventure Here

Student Logon information:

Please contact teacher for your child’s information.

The Student Portfolio gives you and your child access to: Recent Work, Assignments and Reports

The Language Arts and Math Assignments contain activities based on your child’s NWEA MAPS    assessments.  Additional ICONS are available to students based on their grade level or activities assigned by the teachers.

How to Exit Odyssey:

When exiting the program, please log out using the blue X located in the top right corner of the Odyssey program.  Failure to do so will prevent an Odyssey software license to be used by another student for five minutes.

Unable to access Odyssey?

Due to the limited number of licenses, the use of Odyssey after school hours is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We request that parents/students limit their use of Odyssey to 30 minute sessions, which will allow several students the opportunity to use the program at home.

In the event all user licenses are in use, the following message is displayed.

Login Unsuccessful
You have run out of user licenses. Please try again later.