Academics: Curriculum & MAP

dscn0625Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School offers a positive learning experience contributing to academic achievement and individual growth.

The curriculum is designed to prepare our students to meet the needs of the future. We prepare all students for future living by guiding them to become responsible citizens, with a world vision through education based on Christian values.

The core curriculum includes religion, language arts/literature, mathematics, social studies and science. Additional subjects include Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, music, art, physical education, library with technology integrated throughout the curriculum.

The students at Our Lady of Lourdes School participate in NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing during Fall, Winter (limited) and Spring. These adaptive tests are given to students to determine their instructional level, identify what they are ready to learn and to measure academic growth in the areas of reading, language arts, math and science.

MAP tests are unique in that they are adaptive tests your child took on a computer. That means that the test became more difficult the more questions your child answered correctly. When your child incorrectly answered a question, the test became easier. Therefore, your child took a test specifically created for his or her learning level.

Kindergarten and First Grade:

  • MAP Primary: Reading
  • MAP Primary: Math
  • These tests are designed with audio support.  The test questions and answers are read to the student.

Second and Third Grade:

  • MAP: Reading
  • MAP: Math
  • MAP: Language

Fourth thru Eighth Grade:

  • MAP: Reading
  • MAP: Math
  • MAP: Language
  • MAP: Science


MAPS Supporting Documentation from NWEA

NWEA MAPS ParentToolkit

RIT Reference Chart – Math Primary (Grades K-1)

RIT Reference Chart – Math

RIT Reference Chart – Reading Primary (Grades K-1)

RIT Reference Chart – Reading

RIT Reference Chart – Language Usage

RIT Reference Chart – Science

Find a Book – Student Lexile Range –

Find a Book – Student Lexile Range – Scholastic

STUDENT PROGRESS REPORT: Additional Information

How to Interpret Student Progress Graph

How to Interpret Student Progress Details

MATH: NWEA MAP Resources

An additional resource for teachers and parents has been provided by NWEA and Khan Academy.  NWEA has linked MAPS Math results to Khan Academy.  Using the student’s MAPS Math results, you can look up the student’s score using these appropriate grade level references and identify which skills in Khan Academy they’re ready for next and which skills are most appropriate based on their skill level.  The document includes information of how to use, followed by interactive links associated to the student’s MAPS results.

Using the link below, select the appropriate PDF document, based on your child’s grade level.

  • MAP for Primary Grades: Kindergarten – First Grade
  • MAP for Grades 2-5
  • MAP for Grades 6-8

MAP to Khan Academy: Khan Academy Practice Exercises Correlated to RIT (Grades: K-2, 3-5, 6-8)