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你好Nihao! I am 何老师 (He Laoshi), a.k.a. Ms. Helena. I teach K-8 Mandarin (Chinese). I was born in Xi'An, a big city in China with over 2000 year history. I enjoy learning languages and cultures, watching movies and traveling. I love teaching Mandarin and Chinese cultures. I taught Mandarin to international students in China before coming to the States for graduate school. I am a certified bilingual teacher in Illinois and a PhD. student at University of Illinois, Chicago. My PhD. focuses on second/foreign language learning and web-based technologies under the program of Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy, Language, and Culture. Along with my graduate studies, I have been teaching Mandarin for four years to American professionals, as well as elementary, high school and college students. Learning a foreign/second language not only develops multicultural awareness and global competence but also helps academic and cognitive development. I believe that language and culture learning should be interactive, social, cultural and community based. So I use an interactive, technology-assisted, and project-based Mandarin curriculum focused on conversation, communication, culture and community.
Helena Helena He

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xià tiān

本月骑士 — 中文 

Cavalier of The Month — Mandarin

Quizlet Practice:


  • 拔萝卜 Pulling out the radish

  • 颜色 Colors

  • 我喜欢…… I like …


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wǔ yuè


  • 12生肖儿歌 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Song

  • 房间 Rooms

  • 北京 Beijing


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Zhù Hè Nǐ Mén

Congratulations to the students who completed their speeches at the 2019 Wisconsin Chinese Speech Contest! Thank you for those who represented our school and performed!

You all did a wonderful job! I am proud of all of you!


Videos of Moon Festival Story

ver 1     ver 2    ver 3

Video of Three Little Pigs in China



  • 头肩膀膝盖脚 Head Shoulder Knee and Toe

  • 家人 Family members


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Xiè xiè dà jiā!

Thank you my students and teachers for working so hard for the Chinese new year celebrations!

Thank all the parents for your support and coming to our big day!



  • 元宵节 Lantern Festival

  • 戴帽子的猫 The Cat in a Hat in Mandarin

Speech Videos:

  • 下雪了 It’s snowy

  • 雪人 Snowman

  • 滑雪橇 Sledding

  • 下雨天 On a rainy day

  • 恐龙 Dinosaur

  • 在学校 At school

  • 梦 Dreams

  • 新家 New home


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Moon Festival Story Script:



  • 了解春节 Understand Chinese New Year

  • 春联和红包

  • 新年好 Have a good new year song

  • 功夫表演 Kungfu Show

  • How old are you?

  • Colors

  • Family members

  • Song of the Months

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jié rì kuài lè

He Laoshi cannot believe it is coming to the end of 2018. Hope you all had a wonderful year! Wish you have a even better 2019!

节日祝福 Holiday Greetings from Mandarin Students:

四年级 Fourth Grade:

二年级 Second Grade

一年级 First Grade

幼儿园 Kindergarten

Christmas Songs in Mandarin:

  • We wish you a merry Christmas

  • Christmas Sharks song

  • Jingle Bells Mandarin ver.


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Gān Ēn Jié Kuài Lè!

He Laoshi wishes that everyone will have a great Thanksgiving! Let’s say “xiè xie” to the people you love and express your gratitude in a different way!

  • How to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Mandarin


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wàn shèng jié

Learning a world language is not just about learning others’ cultures. We could use it to introduce our cultures to other groups. We learned about a fall festival in Chinese culture last month. Let’s teach Mandarin speakers how fun Halloween is!


  • Baby Shark Halloween ver. by Kindergarten & Mr. Young

  • Da guaiwu | Big monster song in Mandarin

  • Shayu Baobao Wan Sheng Jie | Baby Shark Halloween ver.

  • Shayu Baobao | Baby Shark in Mandarin

  • Nihao Ge | Hello Song in Mandarin

  • Shengmu Ge | Initials (Consonants) in Mandarin Song

  • Yunmu Ge | Finals (vowels) in Mandarin Song

  • Shengdiao Ge | Tones Song


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(Zhōng qiū jié )

中秋节(Zhōng qiū jié) is the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a traditional holiday celebrated in China and some other Asian countries. It is held on the 15th of August of the Chinese Agricultural/Farmer’s Calendar. It normally falls in Septembers or Octobers in the common calendar used in America. It is on September 24th this year.

It is also known as the Moon Festival because the moon is the brightest and roundest on this day. The brightest and roundest moon is a symbol of the family reunion. Family comes together to worship the moon, eat Moon Cakes and play with the lanterns on 中秋节(Zhōng qiū jié).

Let the 3rd and 4th graders in Mandarin teach you what 中秋节(Zhōng qiū jié) is about!


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Welcome to the Mandarin World!


Huān yíng lái dào Zhōng Wén shì jiè !


Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

He Laoshi (何老师), a.k.a Ms. Helena, welcomes everyone to the Mandarin classes for 2018-2019 school year! We had so much fun and learned a lot last year. Let’s continue our hard work! I welcome all new Mandarin students and I am very excited to see you explore in the Mandarin world!

Please check the Mandarin Classroom Norms and understand what you need to keep in mind here!

Great website to practice Pinyin:

Congratulations to students participated & placed in the 2018 Wisconsin Chinese Speech Contest!



Congratulations to students who successfully finished their Speech Projects! Congratulations to students recognized with Wisconsin Excellence in Chinese Language Learning Award!