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你好Nihao! I am 何老师 (He Laoshi), a.k.a. Ms. Helena. I teach K-8 Mandarin (Chinese). I was born in Xi'An, a big city in China with over 2000 year history. I enjoy learning languages and cultures, watching movies and traveling. I love teaching Mandarin and Chinese cultures. I taught Mandarin to international students in China before coming to the States for graduate school. I am a certified bilingual teacher in Illinois and a PhD. student at University of Illinois, Chicago. My PhD. focuses on second/foreign language learning and web-based technologies under the program of Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy, Language, and Culture. Along with my graduate studies, I have been teaching Mandarin for four years to American professionals, as well as elementary, high school and college students. Learning a foreign/second language not only develops multicultural awareness and global competence but also helps academic and cognitive development. I believe that language and culture learning should be interactive, social, cultural and community based. So I use an interactive, technology-assisted, and project-based Mandarin curriculum focused on conversation, communication, culture and community.
Helena Helena He

夏(xià) 天(tiān)

Hope you are enjoying your 夏(xià) 天(tiān) ! Here are some fun things about summer in Mandarin:

  • Fun activities in Summer

  • Olaf singing in Mandarin

  • Moana sing in Mandarin

Congratulations to students participated & placed in the 2018 Wisconsin Chinese Speech Contest!



Congratulations to students who successfully finished their Speech Projects! Congratulations to students recognized with Wisconsin Excellence in Chinese Language Learning Award!


Quizlet practices:

  • practice the expressions and vocabulary in Quizlet for 10-15 minutes a day.

Kindergarten:Colors  Numbers 1-10   Chinese Zodiac Animals   Family Members

1st Grade:Colors   Numbers 1-10   Chinese Zodiac Animals   Family Members

2nd Grade:Colors  Numbers 1-10  Chinese Zodiac Animals   Family Members   Phonics Words

3rd Grade: Clothes(3rd Grade)  Colors  Transportation Means  Daily routine  Parts of a day (3rd Grade)  Time

5th Grade: Body  Clothes (5th Grade) Colors Transportation Means   Daily routine  Parts of a day (5th Grade)   Time

8th Grade: I’m sick Body parts Surroundings  Weather 


Colors in Mandarin:

Color Song:

彩色的地球 Colorful Earth


Stories for Speech

  • 春天来了 Spring is here.

  • 四季真有趣。Seasons are fun.

  • 泰迪的一天 Teddy’s day

  • 贪婪的猴子 Greedy Monkey

  • 我喜欢冰淇淋 I like icecream

  • 可爱 Cute

Videos & Songs

  • 你几岁? How old are you?

  •  Song: 你几岁? How old are you?


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Chūn Jié Kuài Lè!


Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is coming! It is the most important traditional holiday in Chinese culture.

Chinese New Year is on a different day each year. This year, it is on February 16th. In Chinese culture, there is a different calendar, called the Agricultural Calendar, used for holidays such as Chinese New Year and Mid Autumn (Moon) Festival.

The Mandarin program will celebrate this great holiday from

Feb. 26-Mar. 2 with various fun activities and a play performed by all Mandarin students on

Thursday, Mar. 1 at 1:30 pm.


  • Song: Happy New Year in Mandarin

  • 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Song


  • 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Song Lyrics Video


Image result for 中文课



  • Numbers 1-10 in Mandarin song

  • Rap 1-10 in Mandarin


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 Xīn Nián  Kuài   Lè

  • Song: Happy New Year in Mandarin

  • Song: We wish you a merry Christmas in Mandarin

  • Song: Jingle Bells in Mandarin

  • Family members song



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(Gǎn Ēn Jié Kuài Lè!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

By learning Mandarin, you can learn the cultural similarities and differences. Last month we learned a fall holiday for family in Chinese culture. Do you still remember what it is? You can always scroll down to review!

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Chinese culture but we love the spirit of being thankful. Now my cultural ambassadors,  it’s your turn to introduce American cultures to Mandarin speakers.

  • Expressions for Thanksgiving:
  • Thanksgiving song in Mandarin:

  • Thank you song

Image result for happy halloween

Let’s celebrate 万圣节

(Wàn Shèng Jié) in Mandarin!

Halloween Songs in Mandarin:


 We had a lot of fun celebrating

中秋节(Zhōng Qiū Jié)!


What is Mid-Autumn Festival?

  • When is Mid-Autumn Festival and how do you celebrate?

Mid-Autumn Festival Presentation


  • Vocabulary for Mid-Autumn Festival



  • The Story of the Moon Lady — Chang E

Image result for 嫦娥

  • The Mid-Autumn Festival Song


  huān yíng

Welcome to the Mandarin World!


Huān yíng lái dào zhōng wén shì jiè !


Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the school year!

He Laoshi (何老师), a.k.a Ms. Helena He, welcomes everyone to the Mandarin classes for 2017-2018! Students in the program last year all did a great job and I believe we can make it even better this year! I welcome all new Mandarin students and I am very excited to see you all rock in the Mandarin world!

Please check the Mandarin Classroom Norms and understand what you need to keep in mind here!

Parents, please check the Mandarin Class Update – All 201709 to see what is and will be in class!

Chinese Calligraphy from 5th and 8th Grade!