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Hello 你好!Welcome to the Mandarin World !This is my first year teaching Mandarin at Our Lady Of Lourdes. I am very excited to work with your kids and look forward to enhancing every student's passion for learning Mandarin and Chinese culture. Teaching Mandarin is my paasion. I taught Mandarin to foreign students in Shanghai for few years until my whole family relocated back to Green Bay in 2015. Since then I have taught some students Mandarin in privte lesson. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family. My husband and I have two children Stephen and Johnny . Stephen is a freshmen student in University of Minnesota Twin city. Johnny is in 8th Grade. I love teaching , camping, writing and Chinese painting. Learning Mandarin is not easy, but with all the hard work from each student and all the support from parents and school, Learning Mandarin is easy and fun.
Michelle Yan Han

Welcome Back   2020~2021 


拼音歌(pinyin song) 


Enjoying Summer Vacation!

        *暑 假 快乐  shǔ jià kuài lè *

       Thank you for all of your hard work this school year! Take the summer months to relax and recharge in every aspect of your lives. I look forward to seeing all of you in this fall!

Make sure you are reading all summer.  It is important to read 10- 20 mins everyday! Here are some link-



OLOL Mandarin World  2019-2020
欢迎来到OLOL中文世界      Welcome to  OLOL Mandarin World

           祝贺你们   zhù hè nǐ mēn


Amber Spence won the 1st place in lower elementary intermediate group in 2020 Wisconsin Chinese Speech Contest

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award:

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award – Ivy Lynn Barry

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award – Madeline Gale

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award – Gracie Harkoff

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award – Lillian O’Connor

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award – Maxwell Derouin

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award – Beledine Chee

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award – Andrew Nelson

Excellence in Chinese Learning Award – Elizabeth Schounard


All mandarin students learned how to sing ” Jesus Loves Me” in mandarin


Early mandarin class students:   Poem : 鹅, 鹅,鹅

Kindergarten : hello song 你好歌 nǐ hǎo gē

1st Grade : My room  我的房间   wǒ de fáng jiān


Chinese New Year celebration    

中国新年/春节庆祝活动         chūn  jié  qìng  zhù huó dòng




Please find your own ancient coin in your
(Lucky money ) 压岁钱🧧(ya sui Qian), then match it with the pictures below .

             Happy Chinese New Year

Welcome to OLOL

2020 Chinese New Year Celebration 


(Shūfǎ)calligraphy 福 and 春

Happy Chinese New Year 🧧 春节快乐🧧

Chun jie kuai le

Happy Chinese New Year 2020
sing the mandarin song

zodiac animals learning through Play the game-“我是谁?Wo shi shui ? Who am I?”

Merry Christmas from Grade 2
“shèng dàn jié kuài lè” IMG_1784

Christmas vocabulary words games

3rd Grade &5th Grade Mandarin class

 Merry Christmas from  4th  Grade “shèng dàn jié kuài lè”

圣诞节快乐🎄🎅   shèng dàn jié kuài lè

Merry Christmas 

耶稣爱我     ye su ai wo
Jesus loves me

Kung fu


         冬 天 (dōng tiān )       winter

Winter 冬天

In November we learned

kindergarten: we learned family members and how to introduce your family members. We learned numbers 1-10 along with the song “ wo de peng you zai na Li ?”. We learned How to say “HappyThanksgiving “ and thanks to others.

1st Grade : we learned all the Thanksgiving things , we learned the new song “ xin nian hao “,we learned how to introduce  our family members .

2nd Grade : we learned all the 12 zodiac animals along with their pin yin ; We learned thanksgiving things; we counted from 1 to 100 ; we reviewed all the family members

3rd Grade : we finished our Pin yin unit ; we learned the basic strokes of Chinese characters; we learned Thanksgiving things ; we reviewed the numbers.

4th Grade : we learned all the 12 zodiac animals the Chinese character and pinyin ;we learned how to say my zodiac animals is *in mandarin. We learned different Personal Pronouns and Thanksgiving things.

5th Grade : we learned how to say seven days a week  and months. How to ask and answer what day is today. We learned how to ask and answer for your phone number. How to say your birthday is **.


1st grade new song ” pull out radish”

The mandarin words of the song “Prayer of Blessings ”!  Please Read out the words and listen to the sound . Then sing 🎶 out

The sound of “prayer of blessings ”

Second Grade learned all 12 Chinese zodiac animals .  Each student picked up their own zodiac animal. So proud of those happy learners

Kindergarten say “Thanks to Dad  and Thanks to Mom ” in Mandarin .


Happy New Year song (1st Grade)

story of Chinese zodiac( English)


12 Chinese Zodiac Song

Second Grade

Second Grade are learning 12 zodiac animals
Learning 12 zodiac animals :猪🐷,鼠🐭,狗🐶,牛🐂,虎🐯,兔🐰,龙🐲,蛇🐍,马🐎,羊🐐,猴🐒,鸡🐔!

1st Grade are learning new song “新年好”

丁玲( 6th Grade ) finished her first calligraphy “神” in her study hall time


In October we learned :

Kindergarten : Self-introduce name(我叫*** )and age( 我* *岁) , numbers from 1-10 , polite language( 谢谢你,不客气,对 不起,没关系),number song “where are my friends?” , Halloween song ” baby shark”

1st Grade : Self-introduce name, age and how to ask what’s your name(你叫什么名字) ? how old are you(你几岁) ? Numbers   from 1 to 20 in Mandarin. Family members ( baba, mama, gege,didi,jiejie,meimei)

2nd Grade: Self-introduce name,age,grade, and how to ask those questions. Numbers from 1 to 39. Family book( baba ,  mama     ,gege,jiejie,didi,meimei, yeye,nainai,waigong waipo,shushu ,jiujiu,yima,gugu.)

3rd Grade: Self-introduce map ( name, age,grade,school ) and how to ask in Mandarin.  Pin yin and four tones

4th Grade: Self-introduce map(name,age,grade,school) and How to ask in Mandarin.  Introduce family where are you and how   many peoples in your family and who they are ? 我住在美国威州DEPERE,我家有七口人,我爸爸,我妈妈,我哥哥,我姐姐       ,我妹妹,我弟弟和我。Start typing in Mandrain.

5th Grade: Self-introduce map( name ,age,Grade, school, nationality,language ) and how to ask those questions. Numbers from 1    to 100,  Hundred (bai百),thousand(qian千); Family members; How to say Monday to Sunday in Mandarin. Halloween song ( ni pa bu pa? )

Learning pinyin from 3rd Grade

4th Grade’s Mandarin class in All Saints Day

We celebrate our All Saints Day in a special way doing our first  Calligraphy “神”!Great job👍 Everyone! 神 means God in Mandarin . Praise our God! You are the model of all Saints.


秋天 (qiū tiān ) Autumn

See the source image

在美丽的秋天,我们有很多节日!(zài měi lì de qiū tiān ,wǒ men yǒu hěn duō jié rì !We have many holidays in the beautiful Autumn!

             中 秋节 (zhōng qiū jié ) Middle Moon Festival

中秋节(Zhōng qiū jié) is the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a traditional holiday celebrated in China and some other Asian countries. It is held on the 15th of August of the Chinese Agricultural/Farmer’s Calendar. It normally falls in Septembers or Octobers in the common calendar used in America. It is on September 24th this year.

It is also known as the Moon Festival because the moon is the brightest and roundest on this day. The brightest and roundest moon is a symbol of the family reunion. Family comes together to worship the moon, eat Moon Cakes and play with the lanterns on 中秋节(Zhōng qiū jié).


Related image

                                       万圣节 ( wàn shèng jié)     Halloween

Related image

Halloween fun game :
我是谁?Wo Shi Shei?    Who am I ?
你是***。  Ni shi ***       You are ***


Halloween Game “ 我是谁? 你是**.” Who am I ?”

                                  感恩节 (gǎn ēn jié )


Related image



Quizlet Practice:


Halloween song for Kindergrten , 1st Grade and 2nd Grade

Shayu Baobao Wan Sheng Jie | Baby Shark Halloween ver.

万圣节 歌(wàn shèng jié gē )   Halloween song


Kindergarten Song : Where is my friends? 我的朋友在哪里?

  • 我喜欢…… I like … ( family )  1st Grade


你好歌!Hello song for Kindergarten

How old are you ?你几岁?


  • 12生肖儿歌 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Song


  • 家人 Family members




  • 了解春节 Understand Chinese New Year

  • 春联和红包


  • Shengmu Ge | Initials (Consonants) in Mandarin Song



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Welcome to the Mandarin World!


Huān yíng lái dào Zhōng Wén shì jiè

Please check the Mandarin Classroom Norms and understand what you need to keep in mind here!

Great website to practice Pinyin: