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Music Class

  • First Grade
I have been teaching music, band, and choir in the Green Bay Catholic Schools for thirteen years. I have been the band director at Our Lady of Lourdes since 2005 and have also taught the music classes and choirs for the past ten years. In my spare time I love spending time with my husband, Ryan and our daughter, Rebecca! We especially enjoy outdoor adventures...camping, hiking, biking, and swimming!
Monica Lewis

In music class, the 1st grade will begin the year learning about tempo!

1st Grade Keywords

  • Tempo: the speed of the beat in music
  • Fast: the beat of fast music moves at a high speed
  • Slow: the beat of slow music moves at a low speed

At home:

  • Move to the fast and slow tempos of this song.
  • At any age, the best thing you can do as a parent to encourage and develop musical talents and interests is to expose your children to music and musical opportunities.  Even if you don’t feel you sing well, sing anyway!  Singing is like anything…it requires practice.  The more you sing, the better you will get and your children will follow your example.
  • 1st Graders are learning to sing in church…encourage them by leading the way!  They should be comfortable with the Mass parts we sing at every Mass – Alleluia, Holy, Memorial Acclamations (all 3), Amen, Lamb of God, and the refrain of the Gloria.  They will be learning simple refrains and Psalm responses through this school year.

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St. Cecilia, pray for us!