Family News during COVID-19 with Continuous Learning at Home (Updated Daily)

Our Lady of Lourdes provides various methods of communications during this time of COVID-19 and Continuous Learning.

EMAIL: Daily Lesson Plans, Announcements and OLOL Updates from Principal Young


GRACE provides updates about our school system via Facebook and website.


We encourage you to also stay connected with Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Family, since we are unable to be together for worship.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Website 

To receive OLOL Parish updates via email/FlockNote, please contact the parish office (920) 336-4033.

Friday, June 5 – Day 55 & ABC Countdown = Z (Last Day of School)

A message from Mr. Young as we complete the 2019-20 School Year.

OLOL Update – Friday, June 5th – Watch Video

Thank you for a job well done!

** If you did not attend the dropoff/pickup exchange, someone from school will be contacting you to arrange a time to pickup.

Thursday, June 4 – Day 54 & ABC Countdown = Y

Today is the last day for the dropoff/pickup exchange for the end of the school year.
We have scheduled two times to meet your family’s needs.
  • Last Name N-Z, 12:00-2:00PM
  • Last Name A-M, 3:00-5:30PM

Pull up to the school entrance and we will gather the items that you are returning and return your student(s) personal items.

If these times do not work for your family, please contact the school office.

Wednesday, June 3 – Day 53 & ABC Countdown = X

Announcements – Wednesday, June 3rd – Watch Video

Today is the last day of daily announcements from Mr. Young.

The last mass of the 2019-20 school year will be livestreamed today on the parish YouTube channel.
This link will be available at 9:45AM, but we will not go live until 10:00AM.  We look forward to ‘seeing’ you!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Today, is the Today is the first of two days for the dropoff/pickup exchange for the end of the school year.
We have scheduled two times to meet your family’s needs.
  • Last Name A-M, 12:00-2:00PM
  • Last Name N-Z, 3:00-5:30PM

Pull up to the school entrance and we will gather the items that you are returning and return your student(s) personal items.

Tuesday, June 2 – Day 52 & ABC Countdown = W

Announcements – Tuesday, June 2nd – Watch Video

We invite you to join us as we recognize the accomplishments of our 8th graders and their families at tonight’s OLOL Graduation Ceremony.  The event begins at 6:30PM and is being live streamed to allow our graduates, their families, friends, our school and parish family to attend.   Congratulations Class of 2020!   Watch Here.

OLOL School Class of 2020 Graduation Program

OLOL School Class of 2020 Graduation Program Insert


Monday, June 1 – Day 51 & ABC Countdown = V

Announcements – Monday, June 1st – Watch Video

Friday, May 29 – Day 50 & ABC Countdown = U

Announcements – Fun Friday, May 29th – Watch Video

If you were unable to ‘attend’ last night’s OLOL Awards Assembly, you are able to view using the link below.  Congratulations students & teachers on a job well done!

Pentecost Sunday!  This weekend, the Diocese of Green Bay has provided guidelines to allow churches to open for Communion.  We encourage you to learn the protocol that is being implemented at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish for this weekend.  Catch with the Clergy: Episode 4 (Communion on Pentecost Sunday)

Thursday, May 28 – Day 49 & ABC Countdown = T

Announcements – Thursday, May 28th – Watch Video

Join Us for the 2019-2020 OLOL Awards Assembly – Tonight at 6:30PM online – Watch OLOL Awards Assembly

Wednesday, May 27 – Day 48 & ABC Countdown = S

Announcements – Wednesday, May 27th – Watch Video

GRACE All Schools Virtual Mass begins at 10 AM.  GRACE All Schools Mass (Livestream).

OLOL Update – Wednesday, May 27th – Watch Video

Tuesday, May 26 – Day 47 & ABC Countdown = R

Announcements – Tuesday, May 26 – Watch Video

Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day

Memorial Day commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle. The purpose of Memorial Day is to memorialize the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  We spend time remembering those who lost their lives and could not come home, reflecting on their service and why we have the luxury and freedom that we enjoy today. We might consider how we can support and safeguard their grieving families and loved ones who are left behind.

Friday, May 22 – Day 46 & ABC Countdown = Q

Announcements – Friday, May 22nd – Watch Video

Thursday, May 21 – Day 45 & ABC Countdown = P

Announcements – Thursday, May 21 – Watch Video

Wednesday, May 20 – Day 44 & ABC Countdown = O

Announcements – Wednesday, May 20 – Watch Video

Tuesday, May 19 – Day 43 & ABC Countdown = N

Announcements – Tuesday, May 19 – Watch Video

In case you missed it on our Facebook page.

  • During this time of COVID-19, we are unable to provide school tours and shadow days for perspective families and students.  Our faculty has prepared a virtual tour with photos of our students in action from the current school year (before we were learning from home).  Please check it out on our school website – Welcome page.  We are proud of our school and encourage you to share the good news of Our Lady of Lourdes School with family, friends and neighbors.


Monday, May 18 – Day 42 & ABC Countdown = M

Announcements – Monday, May 18th – Watch Video


Friday, May 15 – Day 41 & ABC Countdown = L

Announcements – Friday, May 15th – Watch Video


Thursday, May 14 – Day 40 @ ABC Countdown = K

Announcements – Thursday, May 14 – Watch Video


Wednesday, May 13 – Day 39 @ ABC Countdown = J

Announcements – Wednesday, May 13 – Watch Video

OLOL Parent update – Wednesday, May 13 – Watch Video


Tuesday, May 12 – Day 38 @ ABC Countdown = I

Announcements – Tuesday, May 12th – Watch Video


Monday, May 11 – Day 37 @ ABC Countdown = H

Announcements – Monday, May 11th – Watch Video


Friday, May 8 – Day 36 @ ABC Countdown = G

Announcements – Friday May 8th – Watch Video

Lourdes Letter – May 8, 2020


Thursday, May 7 – Day 35 @ ABC Countdown = F

Announcements – Thursday – May 7th – Watch Video

NOTE: No Catchup with the Clergy at 10AM today, due to scheduling conflict.


Wednesday, May 6 – Day 34 @ ABC Countdown = E

Announcements – Wednesday, May 6th – Watch Video

OLOL update – Watch Video

NOTE: No Wednesday 10AM mass today, due to a scheduling conflict.


Tuesday, May 5 – Day 33 @ ABC Countdown = D

Annnouncements – Tuesday, May 5th – Watch Video

OLOL Staff Appreciation Week!  Students, show your teacher you are thinking of them by making a short video to say “hi” and to see how they are doing.

Monday, May 4 – Day 32 & ABC Countdown = C

Announcements – Monday, May 4th – Watch Video

OLOL Staff Appreciation Week!  Students, tape words of encouragement and thanks to yourself and take a photo. Then send the photo to your teacher.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, Box Tops for Education is offering Earn Double the Box Tops thru May 10.

Just a reminder, during these uncertain time of employment GRACE continues to provide opportunities for financial aid.   We encourage you to apply.  Deadline is May 15.

Friday, May 1 – Day 31 & ABC Countdown = B

Announcements – Friday May 1st – Watch Video

During this time of Continuous Learning, our Friday school uniform is BLUE to support the medical professionals, the support staff in hospitals/clinics and all those behind the scenes.

In addition, we wear blue in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mother.  Saturday, May 2, was the date for the 7th annual Walk to Mary.  Traditionally, OLOL has taken time to go outside and walk for about an hour, stopping and praying the rosary together, to support the pilgrims and religious education.

Lourdes Letter – May 1, 2020

Thursday, April 30 – Day 30 & ABC Countdown = A

Announcements – Thursday, April 30th – Watch Video

Wednesday, April 29 – Day 29

Announcements – Wednesday, April 29th – Watch Video

Tuesday, April 28 – Day 28

Announcements – Tuesday, April 28th – Watch Video

OLOL update – Tuesday, April 28th – Watch Video

  • Alot of good information in today’s OLOL Update.  We encourage you to take a listen.  Some of this information will also be available in Friday’s Lourdes Letter.

Monday, April 27 – Day 27

Announcements – Monday, April 27 – Watch Video

Friday, April 24 – Day 26

Announcements – Friday, April 24th – Watch Video

Join us in Virtual Spirit Week!  Today is Face Paint Friday AND Wear Blue to support the Blue Army (Medical professionals, Clinic & Hospital employees and Emergency personnel).

Lourdes Letter Returns (on Friday)!

Thursday, April 23 – Day 25

Announcements – Thursday, April 23 – Watch Video

Join us in Virtual Spirit Week!  Today is Thinking Thursday!


Wednesday, April 22 – Day 24

Announcements – Wednesday, April 22nd – Watch Video

Join us in Virtual Spirit Week!  Today is Worldly Wednesday!

OLOL Update – April 22nd – Watch Video

  • Reminder: Learning Resource Pickup – Thursday, April 23 (2-5PM)
  • Virtual Pizza/Pasta Dates have been rescheduled for grades 2-8
  • Lourdes Letter will be published on Friday.

Tuesday, April 21 – Day 23

Announcement – Tuesday, April 21st – Watch Video

Join us in OLOL Virtual Spirit Week!  Today is Teamwork Tuesday!   Thank you Mr. Young for your leadership in sharing your favorite teams!

  • Learning Resource Pickup:  Thursday, April 23 (2-5PM)  — PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE FROM LAST WEEK ANNOUNCEMENT.
    • Since we are learning at home for the reminder of the school year, there are some materials that would assist students & family in their learning.
    • Teachers are gathering the items that students require.
    • NOTE:  This is NOT a clean your locker or desk day.

Monday, April 20 – Day 22

Announcements – Monday, April 20th – Watch Video

Join us in OLOL Virtual Spirit Week!   Today is MisMatch Monday!   Take at look at Mr. Young during announcements today.  Wow?!

Friday, April 17 – Day 21

Wear Blue Friday for all medical professionals and those who support them!

Announcements – Friday, April 17th – Watch Video

Friday Fun Day …. do your school work today with your pet and/or favorite stuffed animal.

OLOL Update – Friday, April 17th – Watch Video

  • As you heard yesterday, the State of Wisconsin Safe at Home has been extended thru the month of May.   In addition, we will not be back at school.  Our Continuous Learning partnership between families and teachers will continue thru the end of the school year.
  • Learning Resource Pickup:  Thursday, April 23 (9-Noon)
    • Due to the news we received yesterday, there are some materials that would assist students with learning at home for the remainder of the year.
    • Teachers will be reviewing the curriculum and lesson plans to gather any items students require.
    • NOTE:  This is NOT a clean your locker or desk day.
  • Spring Concert:  After discussion with Mrs. Lewis, it has been determined that we will NOT be having the Spring Concert this year.  We are disappointed, but want to maintain our excellence in student performances and allow everyone an opportunity to participate.  Mr. Young is brainstorming an idea for parents.  You will need to review his video to learn more.
  • The return of the Lourdes Letter … we will resume the Lourdes Letter so additional information can be shared thru the end of the school year.   However, we are going to change the delivery day from Wednesday to Friday.  The next Lourdes Letter will be published on Friday, April 24.

Thursday, April 16 – Day 20

Announcements – Thursday, April 16th – Watch Video
GRACE announces home-based learning for remainder of school year.  GRACE Schools Update – WI Safe at Home

Wednesday, April 15 – Day 19

Announcements – April 15th – Watch Video

Join us for mass online with Fr. Peter at Our Lady of Lourdes at 10:00AM today.

OLOL Update – Wednesday, April 15th – Watch Video

  • School Events:
    • Spring Concert and Spanish Showoff Night are being postponed for later in May to allow more time to prepare.
  • Later today, please watch your email for the Lesson Plan regarding Safe Environment from Mr. Young.
  • Next week, more information on the Pizza/Pasta Nights with Principal Young.

From OLOL faculty and staff, thank you again to our students and families for all that you do!

Safe Environment Lessons – Watch Video

The Safe Environment Lessons are available on the Green Bay Diocese website.

Tuesday, April 14 – Day 18

Announcements – Tuesday, April 14 – Watch Video

Lourdes Way t-shirt day.


Monday, April 13 (Easter Monday)

No School


Sunday, April 12 (Easter)

Alleluia!  He is Risen!  Easter Greetings from OLOL

An Easter musical prelude from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Music Ministry (Healy Family) begins at 9:30AM.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish will be live-streaming the Sunday Easter mass.  Please join us at 10AM.

Bishop Ricken has asked all Catholic Churches to ring their bells for 1 minute at noon on Easter Sunday to signal Jesus’ victory over death.  We are all asked to join in by ringing any bells we have as well.


Saturday, April 11 (Holy Saturday)

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish will be live-streaming the Easter Vigil.  Please join us at 8PM.


Friday, April 10 (Good Friday)

No School

A Good Friday musical prelude from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Music Ministry (Healy Family) begins at 2:30PM.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish will be live-streaming Good Friday services.  Please join us at 3PM.


Thursday, April 9 (Holy Thursday) – Day 17

Announcements – Thursday, April 9 – Watch Video

The GRACE All-School mass from Wednesday is available for viewing at

A Holy Thursday musical prelude from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Music Ministry (Healy Family) begins at 6:00PM.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish will be live-streaming Holy Thursday mass tonight.  Please join us at 6:30PM.

Reminder, NO SCHOOL tomorrow – Triduum: Good Friday.

Middle School & High School Students:

  • Normally, a 24 Hour Food Fast is held Holy Thursday until Good Friday with OLOL Youth Minister, Traci LaCrosse, for our middle and high school students.   Since the ‘Safe at Home’ does not allow, Traci is asking to have a middle or high school student AND an adult (does not have to be from the same family) sign up for one of the 24 hour shifts. During your one hour shift we ask that you pray.
    There are more details in this signup link:
  • Please send Traci your reflection and photo afterwards.


Wednesday, April 8 – Day 16

Announcements – Wednesday, April 8 – Watch Video

Please join us … GRACE All-School Virtual Mass will be livestreamed from Resurrection Catholic Parish at this link:


Tuesday, April 7 – Day 15

Announcements – Tuesday, April 7th – Watch Video

Lourdes Way T-shirt day

The OLOL Update is being shared with you today due to Holy Week (No OLOL Update will be provided Wednesday or Friday).

OLOL Update – Tuesday, April 7th – Watch Video

  • We encourage students and families to attend the GRACE All-School Mass Wednesday at 10AM.
  • Thank you again to all our families for your support of educating the children with our teachers.   It is much appreciated.
  • Students, please continue to work on your assignments to keep up with our high academic standards.
  • Just a reminder … No School Good Friday & Easter Monday (April 10-13).
  • We wish you and your family a very blessed Holy Week and Easter!

Join us tonight on Facebook Live with Fr. Peter and Deacon Mike.

Monday, April 6 – Day 14

Holy Week Activities for OLOL Families


Friday, April 3 – Day 13

Begining today …. Wear Blue Friday in support of all hospital and medical personnel.

Announcements – Friday, April 3rd – Watch Video

OLOL Update – April 3rd – Watch Video

  • Watch your email later today for a list of Holy Week activities that you can do with your families.  Includes how to make your own Palms.
  • The GRACE virtual mass will be held on Wednesday, April 8 at 10AM.    The office hours scheduled at 10AM and 10:30AM will be cancelled for that day, so everyone can participate.
  • In response to your questions:
    • Spring MAPS testing: A decision is pending with GRACE leadership team.  More info coming soon.
    • Spring Sports: A decision is pending with GRACE.  We hope to have an answer for you next week.
    • TSF Hours:  The OLOL Site Advisory Committee discussed during the March meeting.    The plan will be finalized during the April meeting.
    • Pizza/Pasta Dinner with Principal:  While these were cancelled due to the pandemic, Mr. Young would still like to get together.  More info coming soon.
  • Reminder: Students/Parents, please join us for OLOL Teacher Office Hours.  A time for the students/teachers to connect … even if you do not have any questions.  See you soon!

JOIN US: Palm Sunday Mass:  Join us LIVE on


Thursday, April 2 – Day 12

Announcement – Thursday, April 2nd – Watch Video

  • Please check your email from April 1 for a listing of all OLOL Google Meet Office Hours.  This document provides the meeting code and phone number for all teachers.
  • Information was also provided for How-To turnoff notifications from the Meet sessions AND a Google Meet add-on for a GRID view.

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, April 8 at 10AM for a GRACE All-School Virtual Mass.

On Friday, April 3rd – Wear Blue in support of ALL medical professionals.

UPDATE from GRACE:  The deadline to submit Financial Aid applications for the 2020-21 school year have been extended to May 15, 2020, which is accessible via your TADS enrollment.   More information is available here.

Wednesday, April 1 – Day 11

Announcements – Wednesday, April 1st – Watch Video

OLOL Parent update – April 1st – Watch Video

  • Please keep ALL health care professionals in your prayers, with special consideration for Our Lady of Lourdes families who are currently serving in these roles.   During this time, many of our families employment has been impacted in various ways (elimination of job, change of roles/duties, additional responsibilities), we ask that you keep all our families in your prayers.
  • THANK YOU to our families, you are doing a TREMENDOUS job to help us with this continuous learning plan.
  • The middle school renovation planned for this summer is continuing as planned.
  • Free tutoring is available from St. Norbert College and UW-Oshkosh. Signup for Free Tutoring
  • Be Strong, Have Faith and Reach Out.

GRACE Food Service: Drive Thru Order Form for Week of April 6-10:

Tuesday, March 31 – Day 10

Announcements – Tuesday, March 31st – Watch Video


Monday, March 30 – Day 9

Announcements – March 30th – Watch Video


Friday, March 27 – Day 8

OLOL Update – March 27th – Watch Video

Beginning next week:

  • Daily lesson plans will be provided to families by 9PM the night before to assist you in preparing for the next school day.
  • No scheduled evening Office Hours.   We are still available for evening Office Hours, please coordinate directly with the teacher(s).
  • Daytime Office will remain the same.  We would like students to join us during that time for discussion/questions to maintain the classroom discussion that we are missing with being at home.

The annual Fish Dinner/Kiddie Carnival has been cancelled for the 2019-20 school year.

There are openings for the 2020-2021 OLOL Site Advisory Committee, please contact us if you are interested in being involved in our school.


Thursday, March 26 – Day 7

The OLOL Culture Fair has been cancelled for the 2019-20 school year.

Wednesday, March 25 – Day 6

Dear OLOL Families,
I hope that your week has gotten off to a good start.  I understand the stress and anxiety that comes with uncertainty.  I spoke last week about how important it is that we see those little blessings that still appear everyday.  I was given an opportunity to do something that I haven’t done in 15-20 years.  I thought I would share.

OLOL Update from Mr. Young:  Watch Video

  • UPDATE:  No teacher/parent office hours will be offered on Friday evening.
  • PARENT SURVEY:  With one week of continuous learning of teachers and students at homes with family, please complete this survey (once per family).

OLOL Site Advisory Committee (SAC) monthly meeting will be held tonight.  As a result, Mr. Young will NOT have evening office hours tonight.


Tuesday, March 24 – Day 5

Join us for the mass tomorrow with Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Family, the Feast Day of The Annunciation of the Lord.

The parish will have masses available on the Parish YouTube channel.  All Are Welcome!

  • Wednesday’s at 10AM with Fr. Peter Ambting, O.Praem
  • Sunday’s at 10AM with Fr. Peter and Deacon Mike


Monday, March 23 – Day 4


Friday, March 20 – Day 3

Office Hours schedules are being provided by our teachers for our families.  For the week of March 23-27, each of the teachers are being provided two sessions (School hours,  Evening hours) to take into consideration parent work schedules.

We are going to utilize Google Meet for Office Hours.  The teachers will invite you to sessions for your child(ren).

GRACE Food Service is providing Drive-Thru Lunch pickup.  Parents must complete survey (to ensure adequate meals are available).  Survey must be completed on Friday(s).

Thursday, March 19 – Day 2

We believe the majority of our school families have access to internet service providers via their home or mobile provider.  If circumstances change, this information is available for your use.

Family Home Internet Access V2 – March 2020 (COVID-19)

Wednesday, March 18 – Day 1 of Continuous Learning for Students

Good morning OLOL Families,
Thank you to all families for making arrangements to pick up your children’s learning materials that they will need for the next 3 weeks.  We had an amazing turnout!  Thank you.
As we embark on this new adventure, I reflected on a field trip experience that I went on each year when I was in the classroom.   My 5th grade class went to Barkhausen each winter and took a course on winter survival.   One of the concepts we discussed was that when presented with unknown circumstances, PMA is the deciding factor in terms of success.  PMA stands for positive mental approach.  I hope that each OLOL stakeholder embraces a positive mental approach in our learning environments as well as our own personal lives.
We start our continuous learning programming today.  You will be receiving daily lessons each day by 9:00.   I mentioned to most parents yesterday that we are keeping it simple here at the start.  We  want you to be able to create a routine with your children and not get overwhelmed.  Teachers will be checking emails regularly so don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Next week we will start online office hours for our teachers.  You and your students will be able to ask questions in regards to assignments and concepts taught.
In conclusion, I want to say how impressed I was with the OLOL staff on Monday and Tuesday.  We were collaborating and sharing ideas constantly over the past 2 days.  It warmed my heart to see how dedicated they were to make this work in a big way.
All of the teachers shared that the hardest part of this adventure will not be able to see your children for this extended time.  Each teacher will miss your children and your families.  It is important that we all keep in contact with each other over the next few weeks.
Your children and your families are in good hands.  We will come out of this at some point and hopefully learned some important lessons along the way.