Family News – November 1, 2017

Our Lady of Lourdes has several methods of communication. Every Wednesday throughout the school year, we prepare and distribute the Lourdes Letter and a family info packet. Further communication is available via trimester report cards, PowerSchool, Parent-Teacher conferences, assignment notebooks and the school website.

Lourdes Letter – November 1, 2017

GRACE Holly Jolly Family Fun race

GRACE Holly Jolly Run Registration

OLOL Athletic Booster: Booyah and Bake Sale


   2017-2018 School Year

New Hopes, New Expectations & many decisions!

May we grow in knowledge and wisdom with God and people.


 Today’s Mass with Fr. McElroy and info from Fr. Benny 

In this sinful and corrupt world … strive to be a saint, our heavenly role models.   

Every Saint has a past, Every Sinner has a Future – Oscar Wilde 

Future Saints … Let Your Light Shine!


Today’s featured image:

Holy Mary ~ Mother of God


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