Family News – October 4, 2017

Our Lady of Lourdes has several methods of communication. Every Wednesday throughout the school year, we prepare and distribute the Lourdes Letter and a family info packet. Further communication is available via trimester report cards, PowerSchool, Parent-Teacher conferences, assignment notebooks and the school website.

Lourdes Letter – October 4, 2017

OLOL Mass – Saturday, October 21 at 4:30PM (Volunteers Needed)


  2017-2018 School Year

New Hopes, New Expectations & many decisions!

May we grow in knowledge and wisdom with God and people.


 Mass today with Fr. Benny

Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi

Learn to Love Everyone and Everything Around Us & Love God


Today’s featured image:

On this feast day of St. Francis of Assisi who loved nature …

We participated in a tree blessing with Fr. Benny, Fr. Tim and members of our parish family.

Three trees were planted from the generosity of Leona Sausen family.

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