Family News – September 27, 2017

Our Lady of Lourdes has several methods of communication. Every Wednesday throughout the school year, we prepare and distribute the Lourdes Letter and a family info packet. Further communication is available via trimester report cards, PowerSchool, Parent-Teacher conferences, assignment notebooks and the school website.

Lourdes Letter – September 27, 2017

Student Council – Food Collection

OLOL Parish Clothing – Great Christmas and Birthday Gift Idea!

OLOL Parish Clothing – Order Form


  2017-2018 School Year

New Hopes, New Expectations & many decisions!

May we grow in knowledge and wisdom with God and people.


 Mass today with Fr. Benny, Deacon Mike and OUR grandparents

What is necessity?

Based on today’s gospel, Luke 9:1-6, can we give up something?

Take that time you saved in giving something up and give it to Christ and share/give to others

to be one step closer to heaven!


Today’s featured image:

During today’s mass … Thank You for “giving” to those impacted by the hurricanes thru the efforts of Catholic Charities.


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